.NET development at Datamart

In a field where technologies come and go, it’s rare for something to stick around for long. Microsoft’s .NET framework is a notable exception. For years now it has served as a dependable development platform for a huge variety of applications, from desktop utilities to fully fledged enterprise software suites and web applications. Over time, .NET truly has become a venerable platform.

At Datamart we do a lot of work with web development – especially in integrating big data with effective and attractive UI/UX. Often clients who rely on Microsoft software will ask us to develop solutions using .NET, and we are always more than happy to apply our experience. Using .NET we’ve developed all sorts products including enterprise scale CRM systems, a customized interface and backend for a Sharepoint server, and a desktop software testing client integrated with server-side API.

Our developers are confident they can handle any project employing Microsoft technologies which they might encounter based on their work with past .NET projects. Take a look at our latest success story to learn more about our experience with .NET!

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